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Top Ten Tuesday: Book Titles That Could Be Song Titles

“Hello. I hope somebody is listening.”

First line in Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

Hey, it’s Tuesday and here you have my post for Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. The topic for this week is “Book Titles That Would Make Great Song Titles”, and oh, have I been looking forward to this. It’s the perfect topic for me to have some fun with. So I did. I’m not only giving you song titles, but also a little bit of info about them and their artists because these songs are totally real (okay, maybe not). So please, enjoy!

…there might be a tiny bit of sarcasm involved. And please note that the names in brackets are the authors’, not the artists’, but if you want to imagine the authors as the artists, I’m not stopping you.

Loveless (by Alice Oseman)

Sung by a female solo artist. A powerful pop-ballad with a theme centered around being too awesome as a single Pringle.

The Toll (by Neal Shusterman)

Actually a psalm that you might hear your local church choir sing. A fierce song of praise for the magnificent church bells.

Northern Wrath (by Thilde Kold Holdt)

Sung by a weird-looking Swedish indie band who attempt to look like Vikings during their performances (note that there has been some controversy because they wear the wrong helmets). The song itself tells a story of a lot of anger, although it is unclear who or what said anger is directed towards.

Queens of Geek (by Jen Wilde)

Sung by a duo consisting of two teenage girls who are very popular among children and other teens. A song that praises intelligence and assures children that there’s nothing cooler than being smart.

More Than This (by Patrick Ness)

Sung by an incredibly popular boy band who, however, is taking a waaaaay too long break at the moment. The song is an emotional love song from the band’s early years.

*cough*this might be real*cough*

I’ll Give You the Sun (by Jandy Nelson)

An up-and-coming country group released this song as their first single, and it went straight to the top of the charts. An upbeat love song that you just gotta move your feet to.

We Are the Ants (by Shaun David Hutchinson)

Written and performed by male duo who are known for their political activism, also shown through their songs. This song in particular is about the downtrodden common folk and their fight against the big, evil capitalist machinery.

Edgedancer (by Brandon Sanderson)

A fan-favorite from Eurovision a few years back. A high-tempo dance and party song performed by a very lively 82-year-old German woman. She didn’t win the contest but she won the fans which is all the matter.

For the non-Eurovision viewers: No, this is not odd. It’s pretty standard.

Chainbreaker (by Tara Sim)

A female rapper forces her way into the male-dominated hip-hop genre with this song where she shows how to combine femininity and killer rapping skills.

The Last Song (by Nicholas Sparks)

Performed by a group that has existed for years and is a consistent source of comfort for its fans. This powerful rock anthem closes everyone of the band’s shows with a bang.

If you think I’m weird, I totally get it. But I hope you had some fun reading about my picks for book titles that could be song titles. Which one was your favorite?