Hi there. You got curious and wanted to know stuff about me? This is the right place to be then. My name is Line. I’m 27 and from Denmark, which is why my name might be a little weird for you. It is, however, what inspired the name for this blog: First Line Reader. All my posts will begin with the first line of a book I’ve read. It will often be related to the topic of the post but when I’m lazy, it won’t.

Even though my first language is Danish, I read all my books in English and therefore, everything I post on this blog will be in English. It’s simply the language I feel most comfortable in. You can message me in Danish if you like, though.

My favorite genre is Fantasy and I read both YA and adult. I sometimes just need an easy, short YA book in between those 1,000 pages long adult fantasy books. So expect a bit of both.

A contemporary or other genres will pop up from time to time. I’m just a lot more picky with those. In a sense, I just need to be sure that I will like them before I pick them up. I read a lot of reviews and when the books find their way onto my TBR, they are there for a while. Perhaps that is the reason why many of my favorite books are actually non-fantasy books. If you want to know more about my favorite books and what books I plan to read, check out my Goodreads.

To authors: Please note that I don’t accept review request.