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My Eurovision 2023 Top Ten and the Books They Make Me Think Of

“True! – nervous – very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad?”

First line in The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

Eurovision 2023 is over and I’m here with a copy of the post I did last year: Sharing my top ten and pairing the songs with books! It’s going to be a long one because I have opinions and I’m not holding back. That begs a disclaimer so if I offend you or your country, please know that I don’t care.

Let’s start with the most important thing: The rules of my drinking game during the Final. It was very simple and only had two rules. 1. Drink whenever the UK put themselves front and center in a show meant to celebrate Ukraine. 2. Drink whenever a jury representative is awkward while giving points.
I had to abandon both.

Anyway, to judge the quality of this year’s songs, I’d say they were okay? There were a couple truly iconic songs and then a big pile of “meh”. A lot of songs seemed like they were trying to disguise the fact that they were ballads, like that could trick Europeans into letting them through to the Final (looking at you Armenia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Albania, etc.). And it clearly worked, sadly. Seriously, how the fuck did so many ballads get through the semi-finals with no juries??

Now, I’ll share my top ten and touch upon the official result of the Final along the way because oh boy, do I need to rant about some stuff. I should say that I did struggle to pick out ten songs for this. Between the countries that are permanently banned from my list (for various reasons) and the countries that are temporarily banned (for sending a ballad), there weren’t a whole lot to choose from. So maybe just think of the first couple of songs as honorary mentions?

#10 – Spain
Eaea by Blanca Paloma

Actual placement: 17th

This is here because of Vibes and because it DID NOT deserve last place in the televote! Are you crazy? She’s probably the best singer in the entire competition and people liked the UK more? Sounds fake.
I also really respect Spain’s choice here. Most countries would have tried to send Chanel 2.0 but they actually went in a completely different direction and I think that’s smart.

The song is described as a flamenco lullaby but the lyrics are also deeply rooted in Spanish culture. Paloma has talked about being inspired by Federico GarcΓ­a Lorca, a Spanish poet who was murdered by the Francoist regime. And that’s where my book inspiration comes from because I’ve picked The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys. It takes place during the dictatorship of Franco and shows the life of ordinary Spaniards during a dark part of their history.

#9 – Germany
Blood and Glitter by Lord of the Lost

Actual placement: 26th

NO! This did not deserve to be last! It’s not a personal favorite of mine but I make a point of supporting this kind of music in Eurovision, and the performance was a highlight of the evening. It was about time Germany showed us that they created Rammstein so please keep doing this, Germany. You had the best glow-up from last year, no matter what the result says. I think maybe Finland took a lot of the rock/metal voters and that song was hard to compete with.

This song with the most Eurovision-y title I’ve ever heard is about the duality of people. It tells us that we can be made up of completely opposite characeristics and we need all to be a whole person so we should cherish each other’s qualities and flaws. Not the easiest topic to pair a book with so bear with me here. I’ve picked The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater because this song makes me think of the character Ronan. He might seem tough on the outside but he’s actually a softie. And I think he would like this song.

#8 – Cyprus
Break a Broken Heart by Andrew Lambrou

Actual placement: 12th

Okay, I know it’s a ballad but even I can’t ignore that staging. WHAT? Talk about the staging elevating a song because that fire part is some of the best of the year. His high notes were also very pleasing to listen to and went well with his deep voice in the verses.

It’s a song about heartbreak (duh) and details the story of a one-sided relationship with some toxic undertones. Very basic lyrics so without that staging it wouldn’t be on this list. The only book I could think of that sort of fit this theme is The Absolutist by John Boyne which takes place during The Great War and follows a relationship that isn’t all that healthy.

#7 – Australia
Promise by Voyager

Actual placement: 9th

I say Australia is allowed to stay forever. Damn, that was amazing. I love the lead singer’s voice but then that metal guy at the end changes the mood completely and it’s equally brilliant. And who would have thought this song would be more popular with the jury than with the public? They did win the second semi-final but 21 points in the final? That’s a surprise. Not as big a surprise as the Greek 4 to Cyrprus but we’re up there. Maybe the same problem as with Germany? Finland was a strong competitor in this genre.

The song is about daring to live and daring to go on a journey by yourself. That message reminds me of my favorite character in The Hidden Palace by Helene Wecker because she truly takes control of her destiny and decides she wants to see the world. It’s immensely inspiring and made me desperate to travel myself.

#6 – Moldova
Soarele Θ™i Luna by Pasha Parfeni

Actual placement: 18th

Yes, yes, yes! This is what Eurovision is meant to be! It’s folklore and nature vibes all the way through. And then made into a pop song with an epic flute section. The live performance was better in the semi-final, although I think it’s one of those songs that’s hard to perform live and the studio version will always sound better.

I have to say that with all these amazing vibes I was rather disappointed to learn that the song is just about him marrying his wife. It’s just a wedding with some nature and folklore elements which I think is a waste of potential.
The forest is mentioned in the very first line and the whole forest theme is highlighted in the music video as well so the book I’m choosing is Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh. It’s a novella with strong folklore and fairytale vibes and it follows a man who can be described as the embodiment of the forest. And there’s also a love story.

#5 – Norway
Queen of the Kings by Alessandra

Actual placement: 5th

Hey, I got one right! She got fuck-over by the jury for being too fun, I guess, but then she almost beat Sweden in the televote. I approve. I’m always here for folklore-inspired pop songs and it only gets better when it’s folklore from the Nordics. Those first few seconds that set the mood are brilliant and then she just owns the stage after that. I had an amazing time!

It’s a classic Eurovision song about female empowerment with references to Norwegian folklore, both in the lyrics and the melody. There’s only one trilogy I could think of for this song and you get 12 points if you already know what it is. The books I can never shut up about: Winternight Trilogy by Kathrine Arden. It might be inspired by Russian folklore and not Norwegian, but it’s cold and northern so it works for this song. There’s also a theme in the song of taking control of your own destiny as a woman with lyrics such as “Broken her cage, threw out the keys” and “Nothing in this world could stop the spread of her wings“. This is so fitting for Vasya, the main character of the books, because she refuses to be locked away in a convent or a marriage and instead fights for the freedom to be herself.

#4 – Denmark
Breaking My Heart by Reiley

Actual placement: Failed to qualify for the Grand Final (😒)

Oh, I felt so bad for him. The performance just didn’t go well. His performance for our national final was much better. I had hoped he would qualify anyway because he was up against a lot of ballads but I do understand why he didn’t. I do still want to give him all of my support because he hasn’t gotten a lot of that in Denmark. He didn’t actually win the public vote for our final and a lot of people seem to think they’re too old to need to respect a TikTok star.

And you know what? I freaking love the song! The studio version was immediately added to my Eurovision playlist because it’s just such a bop. I also think now is the time to tell you that I have a soft spot for upbeat songs with depressing lyrics. He literally starts out by singing “Do you remember, said it’d be easier if I was dead“. That’s dark.

There’s also the special thing about Reiley which is that he is Faroese, and it’s the first time someone from the Faroe Islands participate in Eurovision. The Faroe Islands is their own nation but in some aspects, they are a part of Denmark (don’t ask me to explain) so I think it’s really cool they also get a spot in Eurovision. In order to represent Denmark, Reiley also had to suffer through an entire evening of being spoken to in Danish during our national final and I thought he deserved the win just for that.

The song is about a somewhat emotionally abusive relationship which has me thinking of the book The Electric Heir by Victoria Lee, the sequel to The Fever King. It portrays a very unhealthy relationship that is deeply disturbing to read about but I liked this duology a lot because of its dystopian setting and science-like magic.

#3 – Malta
Dance (Our Own Party) by The Busker

Actual placement: Failed to qualify for the Grand Final


*deep breath* So the song…

I’m vibing so much to this. The sax, the weirdly cute dance moves, the lyrics that have me singing “I feel better in my sweater” – I adore it! I’m simply unable to keep still when I listen to it so I think Dance is a perfect title. Also, the singer doing that hey/wait-choreography? I find that way funnier than it actually is and I love it.

I also especially love this song because the lyrics are the most relatable lyrics to ever be part of a Eurovision song. They tell the story of experiencing social anxiety at a big party with a lot of people and loud music. The person leaves with friends to go to a smaller and more comforting setting to have “their own party”. It makes for some unique lyrics and I’m such a fan. And a song about social anxiety can only get me thinking of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. The main character Cath has social anxiety and while I doubt she would ever go to such a big party in the first place, she does find a small group of people that she’s comfortable hanging out with.

#2 – Austria
Who The Hell Is Edgar? by Teya & Salena

Actual placement: 15th

YES! THANK YOU, AUSTRIA!! I’m in love! This is peak Eurovision and easily one of my all-time favorite songs from the competition. Like, how do you even get the idea to make a song about being possessed by the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe? The WTF-level is so incredibly high. And as you might have gathered from this post, unique lyrics are a big plus for me with Eurovision songs and there’s just nothing beating this. Performing first is never good but I do think they deserved a top ten. Especially when you look at what did get a top ten…

I might love this song because they’ve made my job of picking a book the easiest thing ever. Like, seriously, thank you. Before I get to the book though, I just want to talk about what the lyrics are about because they might be funny but they’re also a commentary on a very real issue. The song is about songwriters and how they get paid so very little even if their song is a hit. Even if the masterful writer Edgar Allan Poe wrote a killer song, it wouldn’t matter.
It’s a little hard to come up with a book about songwriting so I’ve simply gone with a book by the author who gets mentioned a hundred times in this song: The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. I’m not a big classics reader but this short story is a must-read for everyone. It’s fantastic. Also, the song’s repetitive use of the word “Poe” might mirror a sound in the short story.

(Poe, Poe, Poe, Poe, Poe)

1# – Finland
Cha Cha Cha by KÀÀrijÀ

Actual placement: 1st (Okay, SOME would say 2nd but they mistakenly acknowledge the Jury Vote and we don’t do that here)

He won. I don’t want to hear anything else. Fuck the juries. Fuck Sweden. Finland is the song Europe chose! Hearing the crowd chanting “Cha, Cha, Cha” every chance they got felt magical. Europe was united through music! And then Sweden wins because they’re Sweden 😀😑 Unique and innovative music should be celebrated! This is not a singing competition!

Okay, the song itself is millimeters away from being too ridiculous for me, but I guess that’s the sweet spot. It’s like they knew what all my favorite music genres were and then put them into one song, which might sound like it couldn’t possibly work but it clearly does. The last minute especially just puts me in such a good mood and the whole performance is just one giant meme. Him popping out of the top like some jack-in-the-box was the best part of the whole show.

The song is about the positive effects of alcohol, a theme I can only approve of. He sings about feeling troubled and that he needs piΓ±a coladas to “free his mind of fear”, and the last part of the song is him hitting the dance floor without any worries.
Finding a book where drinking isn’t seen as a huge problem was immensely difficult. However, I’ve picked The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare because it contains short stories about Magnus Bane, a side character in her Shadowhunter universe. I think Magnus appreciates alcohol and realizes it isn’t a burden and that’s the closest I could get to this song’s theme.

Finally, some quick-fire opinions I couldn’t work into the post otherwise:

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί I love vibes, but France, nobody has ever asked for that many French vibes.
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Worst song of the year is shared between Romania and Poland (HOW DID THAT SONG GET SO MANY POINTS? THE STAGING WAS MADE BY A 10-YEAR-OLD!)
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί I respect Croatia, I just wish their song wasn’t so bad.
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί I swear Italy has sent that song three times before.
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Seeing the UK back at the bottom of the table was extremely satisfying.
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Looking at the results of the public vote, Sweden didn’t get 12 points from anyone. NOT A SINGLE COUNTRY THOUGHT SWEDEN HAD THE BEST SONG!! MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!

Okay, I’m done now. Please share any or all of your own opinions in the comments and then I’ll end this with words from the legend himself KÀÀrijΓ€, proving he understands Eurovision:

It’s crazy, it’s party!


13 thoughts on “My Eurovision 2023 Top Ten and the Books They Make Me Think Of

  1. Okay, so, I’m here with opinions 😁 Overall, I DID love how ranty this was – especially since I wasn’t impressed by Sweden’s entry at all and don’t understand what stuck out to the jury here πŸ™„ – but even you can’t compete with German radio hosts. I basically spent the entire car ride home listening to people whine about how everybody in Europe hates us and how everyone is so ungrateful bla bla bla, but of course we don’t really care about Eurovision anyway because it is beneath us – it was like listening to a little kid pouting in a corner after losing a board game and so pathetically hilarious that I’m almost a little gleeful about that last place! 🀣

    Also, I’ve come to the conclusion that our Eurovision tastes are pretty different πŸ™ƒ I’ve actually seen quite a bit of the contest by now because I decided to cook something super elaborate yesterday (and cooking time means I get to listen to music or audiobooks πŸ€—), and while I can’t give you a top ten, I can give you my top 3:

    3. Austria – We do agree on this one! I Like, I already knew I would love this post when I saw your first line! How could I not love something based on Poe? I ADORE him, so of course the lyrics and the staging alone were enough to win me over 🀩

    2. Norway – Of course I was an immediate sucker for the Nordic vibes and the folkloric music! And then you paired it with Winternight, which is so perfect that I love it even more now πŸ₯°

    1) France – I asked for that many French vibes, okay? πŸ˜‡ THIS IS PERFECTION!! I love how the rhythm changes from the tango opening into a more regular beat, I love how the melodies intertwine, I love the lyrics, and I love the elegance of the staging! This song is vastly underrated and so much better than Cha Cha Cha, which may have had a really cool staging but was kinda boring from a musical perspective…

    Alright, you can go ahead and hate me now πŸ˜… I did really like this post, though, and am very impressed how you managed to come up with this in such a short amount of time! So maybe that somewhat makes up for my more controversial opinions? πŸ™ƒ

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol that does sound like a child pouting πŸ˜‚ Maybe also because I don’t have the impression that Europeans hate Germany in a Eurovision context? Like, I think it’s more indifference, so you get to decide whether that’s better or worse πŸ˜… Your 21 points are still an improvement from the last couple of years AND you weren’t last in the televote which is the thing that counts!

      I’m glad you say that about Sweden though! I also feel like that’s where people’s frustrations are coming from – It made no sense for Sweden to get THAT many jury points. They’re supposed to judge originality as well but they clearly forget about that every year.

      Austria was genius! 😍 We seriously need more Eurovision songs with literary references because this was amazing. And also allowed me an easy time of picking my first line for once 😁

      And you were doing so well with Norway and then you say France and call Cha Cha Cha boring πŸ˜‘ Clearly Nefeli and I still have some work to do in making you a Eurovision fan πŸ˜‰πŸ˜† FUN, Naemi, fun and crazy are keywords. Getting that much Frenchness shown in your face is not fun and standing still on a pillar is not crazy. And I’m sorry but I don’t understand how Cha Cha Cha can be considered boring! It involves so many genres and changes several times in ways that match the lyrics so you don’t actually need to know what he’s singing. Like, if you know of other songs that mix rock, metal, rap, and electronic dance, please direct me to them! That’s the thing I thought the juries should have rewarded. But okay, I guess I also thought France would be more popular with the juries so I’ll admit they deserved more points from them.

      But thank you! I did have some of the post written before Saturday but it was only the book comparisons for my top 7 so I still spent all of Sunday writing πŸ™ˆ I needed to let some frustrations out though so it was rather therapeutic πŸ˜…

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      1. Oh, definitely don’t let those upset German We-Don’t-Like-Eurovision-Anyway radio guests hear you say that πŸ˜‚ According to them, only having the betraying Brexiteers and arrogant soccer playing Spaniards below us is not a huge comfort and the rest of Europe would apparently love to see us perish in a slow and painful way. I’m not sure where they’re getting the evidence for that last part, but maybe I’m just too trusting πŸ˜…

        But yeah, I’m also pretty sure that Sweden vote wasn’t very originality based – I see you’ve already brought up the ABBA theory with Nefeli and I have to agree that that’s a bit too convenient to be entirely believable πŸ€”

        Why should I care about fun and crazy, though, when I can have French artistry instead? πŸ˜‡ The music was so much more melodious and interesting! Sticking to being boring if I get that doesn’t sound like the worst alternative 😁

        Finally, I’m glad you got some therapy in through this post – I’m going to take that as an excuse to join you in the venting because: WTF IS JAMES’ LOGIC IN CHAIN OF THORNS??? “I’m going to tell the love of my life and best friend about that bracelet – or actually, wait, let’s not do that because they might pity me”????? This is the most garbage miscommunication plotline ever and I hate that we’re recycling the Infernal Devices love triangle plot 😀 But fine, overall, I guess it’s fine. I don’t hate the book as much as you did, I think, because as ridiculously dumb as everyone suddenly is in this, I suppose I’m still enjoying spending time with the characters? πŸ€”

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m so glad you say that about James because that decision might have provoked the biggest eye-roll of my life πŸ™„πŸ˜’ The miscommunication was already stupid but sure, let’s draw it out some more! And only because there’d be no plot if they actually just spoke to each other! 😀 And yeah, there was no way I could ignore everyone being “ridiculously dumb”…

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  2. Hell yes to the song about being possessed by the ghost of a dead author of gothic literature! If they started the final with a generic love song or something about world peace I probably would have switched off, but this got me invested.

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  3. THE TASTE!!
    Ok, prepare for a very long reply here. I’m sorry, but I have so many thoughts.

    Very typical of the UK to make another country’s win all about themselves. They brought all these iconic Ukrainian participants to perform for like ten seconds each in the final. If this isn’t a full celebration of Ukraine, I don’t know what is πŸ™„

    As for the quality of the final, I have to say that for me, until the voting results that raised my blood pressure to the roof, this was one of the least boring finals and I’m overall happy with the songs that made it through the semis. The second semi was pretty bad on its own, so we were doomed on that front. Speaking of semi 2, please don’t ignore our entry when you talk about how bad Romania was, it’s like our delegation chose to twin on so many levels on purpose. I mean, we both sent boys in shorts with the most horrible staging ideas possible. Poland’s high result will always be a mystery. It’s catchy I guess but how did people not get headaches from all these special effects??

    You know, I think the extremely French vibes of France came as punishment for Europe not appreciating the Breton last year. If the Eiffel Tower in song form is the only thing people seem to award, we’re bound to suffer every year. Israel shouldn’t even be there, I don’t know why they got so many votes. The UK at the bottom of the table feel like the only true winners of the night, honestly. When Sweden started getting all those 12 points from the juries I almost turned the TV off. Like, it wasn’t even that good. At this point, I’m sure they mass-voted like that on purpose not only because it’s Sweden and they do it every year, but also because they knew Finland would sweep the public vote.

    Anyway, I love the idea of matching your own top ten with books and I’ll probably “steal” it too because I tried it with the official top ten and it gave me a headache.

    You are so right about Spain. The ethnic elements were there, the vibes were fantastic, and she had a great voice. Why she got the least tele points when the UK was right there I’ll never understand. Matching it with a book that shows the life of ordinary Spaniards is very fitting, especially since the song was very heavily inspired by the singer’s grandma.

    Germany certainly didn’t deserve last place. They truly delivered this year. I mean, blood and glitter? That’s Eurovision in a nutshell. “He might seem tough on the outside but he’s actually a softie.” From the little I’ve seen of them, this phrase could also describe Germany’s lead singer.

    No one was more surprised by Greece’s 4 points to Cyprus than the Greeks themselves, trust me. Everyone was so angry, especially because it genuinely was a solid song with a very good performance (also he’s very pretty). Those 4 points have brought us to the brink of a diplomatic episode, even politicians have spoken up about it. It’s wild πŸ˜‚

    Australia should just take Israel’s place at this point. Matching their song with a character that wants to see the world is great, especially because it matches the whole car they brought on stage.

    Moldova is the only country I can always trust in Eurovision anymore. They just get it. I thought the lyrics being about a wedding were cute, but I also get the disappointment. Strong folklore, fairytale vibes and a forest theme are what they had going on the stage, so the book choice on your part is only natural.

    Norway was so good, I’m happy the public pulled through for them. Every time you talk about the Winternight Trilogy I tell myself that I have to read this and then I don’t πŸ™ˆ I have to put it on the list.

    I felt so bad for Denmark’s entry. I was so excited to see a Faroan artist on stage, but then his performance wasn’t very good. I did listen to the studio version of the song, though, and it’s quite good for what it is. I hope he’s not getting hate, because our guy is being torn to shreds by the public and the media.

    MALTA DESERVED TO GO THROUGH. It’s the only act I was disappointed to see not qualified. They brought so much. If they were in the second semi, there’s no way they wouldn’t have gone through. β€œI feel better in my sweater”, most relatable lyric of all time.

    Austria was also ROBBED in the public vote. I truly think performing first in the final killed their chances because there’s no way people aren’t obsessed with this song. It’s peak Eurovision! Matching it with the Tell-Tale Heart is the organic thing to do. They gave it to us on a plate.

    And, finally, IT SHOULD’VE BEEN TAMPERE 2024, THE PEOPLE SPOKE. It is crazy, it is party, he gets it so much. And it would’ve been so satisfying on so many levels if Finland won over Sweden. But alas, the juries hate fun and creativity. Finding positive portrayals of alcohol consumption in literature is indeed a struggle, so congrats on finding at least a character to match!

    Again, sorry for the essay. I loved reading your rants, your taste is great!

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    1. I wrote a very long post so I only appreciate a long reply. This is great! πŸ₯°

      Yeah, I thought it was already weird when our commentator started out by saying that these shows were going to be half about Ukraine and half about UK. Like, someone please remind the UK that they lost and self-promotion is reserved for the winners. Speaking of self-promotion and winners, how are we going to get through next year’s Eurovision? 😬

      And true, the second semi-final was pretty horrendous, but I still feel like countries like Iceland and Georgia were robbed. Lithuania almost put me to sleep whenever I heard it and then there was Poland. Greece probably wasn’t robbed, no πŸ˜… Having the staging just be him jumping around was a weird choice compared to your creativity of the last couple of years. I still liked him more than Romania though because he seemed very sweet and Romania just yelled at me for three minutes.

      You’re so right about our French punishment! They even made her look like the Eiffel Tower! And the Israel thing is so weird. How did that end up as the jury’s second favorite? I thought the verses of that song were so bland, but that was the non-ballad they chose to like? What was wrong with Norway? There’s just so much I don’t get about that jury voting. You say they gave Sweden so many points because they knew Finland would win televote, but I also feel like it was the other way around. Like, Europeans know about the jury’s infatuation with half-decent Swedish songs, so we knew we had to give everything to Finland and maybe that’s why the other “fun” songs didn’t get as many points? I was definitely very aware of the fact that I was voting from a country at a high risk of giving Sweden 12 points so I only gave two to Austria and the rest to Finland (Austria didn’t get points from us but Finland got 12). And it still wasn’t enough.

      I’m glad we agree on Spain and Germany (and Germany’s song title πŸ˜‚)! I hadn’t even made that connection to their lead singer but I think you’re definitely right about that πŸ˜„

      The reaction in the arena to your 4 points to Cyprus was priceless πŸ˜‚ Matched my own reaction exactly! Also because, like you say, it was a good song. They could have gotten away with that and no one would have thought it weird, unlike other years (and I almost commented on his looks in my post but now that you’ve gone there, I just want to thank the person who put him in a sleeveless shirt πŸ˜„). Of course, I’ve been eagerly awaiting your response to this because, as you know, I get my geopolitical updates through Eurovision, and that 4 could only indicate that we are about to have a war in the Mediterranean. That politicians have been involved only makes this a better story πŸ˜‚ Maybe your jury’s excuse needs to be that they were still confused from last year?

      I’m sure people have come for Reiley on social media but I haven’t really sought it out and our news media haven’t given it attention, but they did when he won our national final. I think most people got their frustrations out then. Like I said, he didn’t win the public vote and it was so close that a single jury member was the one to give him the victory. I liked the song in second place too but it reminded me of Bulgaria last year so it was very much those middle-aged dads that were upset that they were being represented by someone like Reiley. It only made me love him more. Really sorry to hear that about Victor though, especially when he’s so young. That doesn’t seem fair. His performance wasn’t bad.

      JUSTICE FOR MALTA! I just cannot understand how they came last in that semi-final! They were up against Azerbaijan!!

      And finally, KÀÀrijΓ€ deserved it so much!! The people didn’t just speak, THEY SHOUTED, both in the arena and with an insane 376 points!! The problem is also how it ends up feeling so calculated from Sweden with the Abba anniversary next year. They were willing to do everything to win this, including sending Loreen and possibly ruining her legacy (yep, that’s gone just because she’s the figurehead of this farce). Am I supposed to believe they didn’t do anything to influence the juries? Juries that ended up almost ignoring other jury-friendly songs such as Spain and France. Something here isn’t fair.

      Thank you so much for all your opinions! πŸ₯° And please steal this idea because your taste sounds like it’s equally great πŸ˜„

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      1. As if having to sit through Sweden telling us how much better they are than everyone else at hosting and participating next year, it also falls right on the 50th anniversary of Abba’s win. There’s no escaping Swedish self-promotion, I’m afraid πŸ₯²

        And yeah, I definitely think the televoters had the juries’ obsession with Sweden in mind while voting, thus focusing all the votes on Finland. If the jury vote wasn’t present, I feel like all the other great entries wouldn’t have been ignored by the public that much. The juries aren’t even doing the job they’re supposed to be doing at this point, they’re just there to favour Sweden and award boring Swiss balads.

        Speaking of juries, believe it or not, our jury tried to justify their choice by saying that it’s their way to prove that we do not in fact give cyprus 12 points every year simply because it’s cyprus. A mess all around πŸ˜‚

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  4. I didn’t watch all of Eurovision in the week, but my two favourite songs of the final were Moldova’s and Norway’s, so I’m glad you liked those songs as well. I need to read both the books mentioned for each song, so maybe this is a sign! I’ve heard a lot about The Bear and The Nightingale, especially the writing!
    I love that Ronan’s book is matched to the song called Blood & Glitter! He is definitely a softie inside!
    This was such a fun post and I loved hearing all your thoughts! πŸ₯°

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Moldova and Norway were the two songs most heavily inspired by folklore so that’s definitely a sign of great taste 😁 And yes, the writing is great in The Bear and the Nightingale and the characters are some of the most inspiring I’ve ever read about.
      And yeah, now I cannot think of a more Ronan-like title than Blood and Glitter. It’s literally him πŸ˜„

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