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“Simon Snow did what he came to do.”

First line in Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell

As I’m participating in the Trope-ical Readathon this month, I’m only writing posts about tropes in March. Last week, I discussed the unlikable main character trope and today I’m doing The Fantasy Tropes Tag created by One’s Peculiar. I was not tagged, I’m just doing it because it looked cool and perfect for me. Let’s just start!

The Lost Princess
A Book/Series you Lost Interest in Halfway Through

I DNF a lot of series but I’ve gotten pretty good at quitting them after just one book meaning I don’t think they qualify for this prompt. However, I did get three books into The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski before I gave up. My interest was never super high but the first two books being short story collections meant that I felt I had to continue to experience “a proper book”. It was very boring, though, and had too many characters that weren’t interesting. Not even Geralt could make up for that.

The Knight in Shining Armour
A Hyped Book/Series you were Swept up by

I was pretty stubborn about not reading The Daevabad Trilogy by S. A. Chakraborty for a long time, but I’m so glad I overcame that! The mere thought of never reading The Kingdom of Copper, the second book, is giving me chills. I was completely engrossed in that trilogy and even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the ending, it’s still one I recommend all political fantasy fans read.

The  Wise Old Wizard
An Author who Amazes you with his/her Writing

I want to mention an author I don’t talk about too often to make this a little interesting so I’ll say Rainbow Rowell. I think of her as a contemporary writer, even though she has her Simon Snow fantasy trilogy but even that has a very contemporary feel. And I say that because it takes a lot for me to give these YA contemporary/romance books five stars and Rowell is literally the only author who has made me do that several times. Her writing is so free of clichΓ©s which makes her characters feel so real and unique. She also has a way of adding humor to her characters that I admire greatly because it’s never the same and feels genuine to each character.

The Maiden in Distress
An Undervalued Character you Wished had a Bigger Story Line

We’re all thinking about Shadow and Bone this week, right? Because I think Wylan from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo fits this prompt. Yeah, he is one of the six but I definitely feel like he’s the one with the least amount of page time and he doesn’t even have POV-chapters in the first book. That’s not okay. And then Netflix cast the cutest actor to play him and I’m even more upset that we don’t get to see him more!
(I didn’t love the new season but please share your opinion in the comments if you’ve watched it.)

The Magic Sword
A Magical Item/Ability you Wish Authors Used Less

Not really sure what to call this but any ability that involves dreams. Having prophetic dreams, dream walking, giving other people certain dreams, anything involving dreams and I can’t help but see it as a bit of a cop-out. There never seem to be that many rules involved so an author can use dreams as an easy way out of a problem. Then there’s also the deal with none of it being real. The author can go all out and write some shocking development to get a certain reaction from the readers but oh, wait, it’s not real and doesn’t matter.

The Mindless Villain
A Phrase you Cannot Help but Roll your Eyes at

It’s not a singular phrase but a part of the dialogue that often happens the same way. You know when a character says to another that they are sorry but it’s so unclear to everyone what they’re sorry for that the other character has to ask “what for?” and then the first character immediately explains like they were just waiting for them to ask! Who does this in real life?!? Why would you not say what you’re sorry for in the first place? What if that other person doesn’t ask and you end up in some miscommunication scenario? It’s only done to make the whole interaction dramatic and I hate it.

The Untamed Dragon
A Magical Creature you Wish you had as a Pet

I guess it’s debatable whether this counts as a magical creature since it’s technically mechanical but how can I not pick Katsu from The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley? He’s a mechanical octopus with some magical realism added and he enjoys stealing socks. He is generally quite mischievous but in an endearing way so I think he would be the best pet! Considering I’m also not allowed to have animals in my apartment, Katsu is the perfect choice to get around that rule.

The Chosen One
A Book/Series you Will Always Root for

If I ever stop raving about The Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden, you will know I’ve been hacked and someone else is running my blog. What can I say? The trilogy has my all-time favorite characters, gorgeous and atmospheric writing, and a historical setting as the perfect backdrop for this magical story. How could I not be obsessed with that?

A really fun tag to do so if you want to do it too, consider yourself tagged. But let me know what you thought of my answers and maybe tell me about a character you wanted to have a bigger storyline.

13 thoughts on “The Fantasy Tropes Tag

  1. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this tag around before – it’s awesome! 🀩 Despite not having been tagged in it, either, I might have to steal it for next time I need a post idea… πŸ™ƒ

    And I agree with a lot of your answers, too! For the books I’ve read, anyway. After already finding the first episode of the Netflix series incredibly boring, I never felt any inclination to try the Witcher books, so I feel very validated now πŸ˜‚ But, obviously, I agree with you on the epicness of the Daevabad and Winternight trilogies, as well as Rainbow Rowell’s writing. (Yes, I am judging that last one wholly on how much I love Fangirl because that’s the only non-Simon Snow book of hers that I’ve read so far πŸ˜…) I also think Katsu totally counts as an animal because I would want him as a pet, too. That’s a good enough reason!

    And the dream thing! I’m not a fan of that, either – the only exception being Harry Potter because with the horcrux connection, it makes sense, and Kerstin Gier’s Silber trilogy because dreaming is actually central to the plot there and there are strict magic system rules in place that make the whole thing interesting – because I find it incredibly unrealistic. Like, who keeps getting nightly prophetic input in real life? πŸ™„ And then, when the entire plot of a book seems to irrelevantly take place in some kind of dream realm – **cough The Atlas Paradox cough** – it annoys me even more. Events that happen are supposed to actually matter!

    As for the “I’m sorry” thing, I don’t care about it that much, but I can tell you that I agree that it’s unrealisitic…

    Finally, though: After nearly collapsing after school today and having completely lost my voice because I’ve been coughing non-stop, I have accepted the fact that I should probably call in sick for tomorrow and have used my time in bed wisely to finish Shadow and Bone. And, well, I didn’t think it was awful, but I definitely didn’t think it was great, either πŸ˜… When everyone started eating butterflies and nearly slaughtered each other in endlessly long, utterly unrealisitc action scenes, only to realize that they were actually great friends a few seconds later, I was seriously worried that the fever I currently have was worse than I thought… And that dumb Five of Crows joke πŸ™„πŸ™ˆ This was Rule of Wolves all over again; only worse because they took so many of my favorite Six of Crows moments and made them meaningless by getting rid of all the character development leading up to them! Like, what was all that rushed Kaz and Inej stuff? And the whole sword plotline was ridiculous! Like, how is it even possible to make the already pretty mediocre plot of Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising even more nonsensical and all over the place? So yeah, overall, I wasn’t sold either, but I still enjoyed watching it for the characters, I guess πŸ˜…

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    1. Well, The Witcher show IS better than the books but maybe not by much πŸ˜… I don’t see you liking the books either, though.

      I also don’t mind the Harry Potter “dreams” because yes, it’s perfectly explained in a way that lets you know that they aren’t technically dreams. It’s just something that happens when he’s relaxed. And The Atlas Paradox might have been my inspiration for this πŸ™„ However, what’s funny is that I wrote that on Wednesday and then started Shadow and Bone Thursday where I could just watch Alina and the Darkling dream about each other constantly and the crows having hallucinations for no reason. I wondered whether the universe was mocking me πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

      Really sorry you’re sick and hope you get better soon, but I also totally approve of the way you spent your free time 😁 I think “not awful but also not great” sums up my feelings on this season too. I enjoyed the Crows and was so bored by the Ravka storyline. Like, I really think Netflix should have created a button that would allow me to skip forward to the next scene with a crow in it because I was just waiting for those. And that sword plotline was so forced because they needed the two stories to be connected somehow! They’re just so vastly different that it’s not possible!
      Also, I think my thoughts on the season can be summed up like this: WHY ARE WE RUSHING?!? The whole thing with Pekka Rollins was set up and wrapped up in four episodes! Mind you, four episodes where we were only with the crows half the time! That build-up of Kaz’s hatred for the man and how he plans to make him suffer but is willing to be patient about it to get it right. There was no patience! Although, that confrontation was the best scene in the entire season because OMG Freddy Carter 😱
      Finally, I just really need your opinion on Nikolai. I was very disappointed, to be honest. It was like I was expecting french fries and then got a plain boiled potato instead. Where was the spark? That boyish playfulness? I’m not sure if it was just the actor or the writing of him too. His development is not going to be as satisfying because I think this Nikolai is already the Nikolai of Rule of Wolves. Are they just trying to avoid character development altogether?

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      1. I think I’ll stick by my decision and stear clear, then 🀣

        And gosh, yes, just having watched all of those stupid Alina/Darkling dreams and Crow hallucinations definitely added another perspective to this post! I was really starting to question my memory of the books because I don’t remember anything this annoying having happened in them? It could just be my nostalic teenage memories making me forget things, though πŸ˜…

        And I totally agree that the Crow storyline was way more interesting. All the Darkling and Alina did was talk in circles! Like, I remember the Shadow and Bone trilogy being lackluster in terms of plot, but was it really THIS bad? I feel like their desperate need to squeeze multiple books into just a handful of episodes made the already somewhat surface level character development even worse… So yes, I totally agree on the rushing thing, too! Although I think my favorite scenes of the season might’ve been the Kaz flashbacks. I’m obviously an evil person because I’ve always enjoyed getting to explore his trauma πŸ˜…

        As for Nikolai – I feel kind of indifferent πŸ™ˆ I didn’t think the actor was terrible, but I do agree that the writing made him about as bland as any other Ravkan character this season… On the other hand, I did also reread the Grisha trilogy before watching Season One, and remember thinking that Nikolai wasn’t actually as cool in that as I remembered, either? πŸ˜… Maybe Rule of Wolves has just completely ruined my Nikolai perception, though… Or Hell Bent my entire Leigh Bardugo perception 😭 After all of these disappointments, I just don’t trust her anymore!

        (P.S.: Sorry for the delayed reply – I ended up getting way sicker than I’ve been in ages and couldn’t form a coherent response for the life of me πŸ˜… But I think I’m finally on the mend, at least!)

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      2. I also don’t remember much about the plot in the books but I’m pretty sure finding the sea whip wasn’t that easy. I was happy about them finding it that quickly for a moment because I thought that meant the main plot of the Ravka storyline was pretty much done and we would focus on the crows for the rest of the season 😬 It didn’t cross my mind at all that the reason was that we needed to squeeze Ruin and Rising in there too.
        I understand that you would enjoy the Kaz flashbacks but I don’t think I was the biggest fan of them. Maybe because the actor was just a constant reminder of my 1899 trauma and I couldn’t focus on anything else πŸ™ˆ

        And I’m actually glad you feel indifferent about Nikolai because yes, that’s my opinion too, but so far I’ve only seen people absolutely loving him in the show and I’ve been so confused! What is there to love?? But I can’t say if he actually wasn’t that great in the books either because there’s no way I can remember that. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if I felt the same as you if I ever reread them (that’s never going to happen), and yeah, maybe I’m also just losing faith in Bardugo’s writing abilities at this point. Like, I’ve read so many books by her which is crazy considering I only love two of them πŸ€”

        Also, don’t worry about the late reply and I’m really sorry you’ve been feeling so shit 😨 Glad it’s getting better so I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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      3. I also thought we’d probably finally be getting Six of Crows when the sea whip thing was resolved so fast! And then everything veered off into that weird sword plotline, everybody conveniently forgot about Matthias, and I was just so disappointed! 😭

        And I’m actually really scared to reread the Six of Crows duology now, too πŸ™ˆ It’s the only series of hers I really adored, and now I’m terrified I might start noticing all the same issues if I read it again now! So I think I might understand your stance on avoiding certain rereads… πŸ˜…

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  2. This tag is so fun! I’ve been planning to pick up the Witcher series after watching the TV show because I really enjoyed that, but now after you said you gave up early on I’m having second thoughts. And The Daevabad Trilogy, which has been on my radar even longer. I don’t know why I still haven’t picked it up yet. I must fix this soon.

    I still have a couple of episodes of Shadow and Bone left, and to be honest, I am not loving it, I don’t even think I’m liking it. I don’t know how it’s in the books, but Wylan (and nearly everyone else for that matter) isn’t getting enough time on the show. It’s so annoying when they introduce interesting characters and then refuse to give them proper screentime.

    You are so valid for the “I’m sorry” dialogue. Apart from the unrealistic character of it all, it’s also annoying because if someone says “I’m sorry” without specifying for what, I immediately think that they’re not really sorry and are just saying this to brush off situations.

    Oh, and Katsu sounds cool as hell, the ultimate companion. I think I’m gonna read this book just for him, I am so fascinated by the concept you describe. It sounds as if the washing machine (mechanical, steals socks) was friend-shaped and magical.

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    1. Well, I personally think you should prioritize Daevabad over the Witcher obviously 😁 I’d say the Witcher books are on the dry side and you can’t really get too attached to one or two characters (my mistake) because we switch around a lot. I’m perfectly happy just following the show.

      And yes, this season of Shadow and Bone really doesn’t have time for its characters because it’s trying to rush through 2.5 books in 8 hours πŸ™„ The writing is not good enough to pull that off and the slow development that is so great in the books is completely gone.

      Thank you for validating my pet peeve about the “I’m sorry” dialogue! I can always see it coming and I’m always rolling my eyes beforehand. And you’re so right that some will say it just to appease the situation, so it really needs to stop being a thing.

      Thinking of Katsu as a friend-shaped washing machine has just made my day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m not sure if that was Natasha Pulley’s intention with him but I’m now convinced it should have been. He’s definitely worth reading that book for πŸ˜„

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      1. God, the Shadow and Bone situation sounds even messier than I thought it were. What were they thinking over at Netflix? 😬

        I’m so glad my friend-shaped washing machine image made sense and you don’t think me completely crazy πŸ˜‚

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  3. This was such a fun tag! I have never read the witcher series but I watched the first season of the show. I loved the fight choreography, yet the story didn’t entice me too much!
    I can’t imagine not reading The Kingdom of Copper either *chef’s kiss*! Did you enjoy the novella collection, River of Silver?
    I agree that dreams are well & truly overused, especially using them to get a dramatic reaction! I hate it!

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    1. My favorite part of the Witcher show is also the fight scenes and it’s just too bad that there aren’t more of them!
      I thought River of Silver was alright but felt that Chakraborty didn’t have that much to say so I don’t think it added that much to the story. It was nice to be back with Jamshid just for a little while, though πŸ€—

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