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Fool’s Errand by Robin Hobb – Book Chat With Spoilers

“He came one late, wet spring and brought the wide world back to my doorstep.”

First line in Fool’s Errand by Robin Hobb

Author: Robin Hobb

Published: October 15th, 2001

Series: The Tawny Man #1, The Realm of the Elderlings #7

Genre: Fantasy

My rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Oh Fitz, how I’ve missed you!
Fool’s Errand is the first book in the Tawny Man trilogy but the seventh book in Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings and therefore it’s difficult to talk about it in non-spoilery manners. What I can say though, is that this book made me have all the feelings. It features my favorite friendship ever which made me look like this 😍 all while reading it, and that meant that I didn’t pay much attention to the plot. I didn’t need it and had I not been in love with that friendship, I might have liked the book less because the plot itself wasn’t the strongest.

I don’t want to spend more time on trying not to spoil anything, so you’re getting my favorite quotes and then all of my spoilery thoughts while I was reading the book. So beware of SPOILERS!!

Nighteyes: “I don’t understand. Are you ill?
Fitz: “No. Just stupid”
Nighteyes: “Ah. Nothing new there. Well, you haven’t died from that so far.”

The sass is real 😂😂😂

“Fitz. You know I love you, don’t you?” I halted where I stood. “I’d hate to have to kill you,” he continued. I recognized his adept imitation of my own voice and inflection. I stared at him, baffled. He sat up taller and glanced over the back of his chair at me with a pained smile. “Never again attempt to put my clothing away,” he warned me. “Verulean silk should be draped for storage. Not wadded.”

I didn’t know where the air went for a second and then I laughed 😂

🐈 …I’m not going to be calling you ‘Tom’, Fitz. Although I do kind of like Badgerlock as a surname.

🐈 With all the pain I know Hobb is going to inflict on me throughout this trilogy, I really don’t think I’m demanding too much by saying she should have killed Starling off before we started so I at least didn’t have to deal with her too. I don’t want to see another redemption arc like the one she gave Malta Vestrit because I think we’ve established that I’m not buying that kind of bullshit. However, hearing Nighteyes refer to her as ‘the howling bitch’ had me very close to accepting her appearance in this book. Thank you so so much for that one, Nighteyes 😂😂😂 But anyway, Fitz is breaking it off with her because she’s married (???), and I’m right here if he needs any help kicking her out.

🐈 I’ve read two chapters: Where is the Fool?

🐈 We’ve been introduced to Jinna and I don’t know if she’s meant to remind me of Amber but she does. I’m also crossing everything I have and hoping she isn’t a new love interest for Fitz. She just cooked for him and he has been very descriptive of her looks, so I’m kind of worried it’s a lost cause. Could I just get 2 seconds of Fitz not being hung up on someone?? It’s not going to kill him to not have someone to sleep with for a week!!

🐈 Thank god, they didn’t sleep together! But Jinna was reading his hands and said: “By your left hand, I’d say you’d had a sweet and true love in your short life. A love that ended only in your death. Yet here in your right hand, I see a love that wends its way in and out of all your many years. That faithful heart has been absent for a time, but is soon to return to you again.” WHEN? I’M WAITING! WHERE IS HE?? And Fitz just making all the wrong guesses at who it could be. Do I really need to call him an idiot already?

🐈 HE’S HERE!!! Omg, I think chapter five is my favorite chapter in any book ever. Have you ever read anything that wholesome? That initial reunion made me cry and now I’m so happy I don’t know what to do with myself. I want to crawl into that chapter and live there. I need the rest of the book to be Fitz and Fool just doing chores and talking about nothing while calling each other Beloved ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

🐈 Fitz, how many times are you going to notice the Fool’s elegant fingers and long legs before you realize you’re in love?

🐈 I can’t believe I got what I wanted; just Fitz and the Fool hanging out and enjoying themselves for, what, two or three chapters. I knew it had to end and I should really just be happy I got so much of them together, but I was screaming at Fitz to go with the Fool when he left. The logic of him waiting for Hap makes total sense but damn!

🐈 I just want to put it out there that I don’t trust Jinna. Maybe it’s just because I really don’t want to see anything happen between her and Fitz romantically, but she’s being suspicious if you ask me. She has inserted herself into Fitz’s life a little too easily and done that through Hap who adores her and who’s now going to live with her. She also exposed Fitz to a charm that revealed him as Witted to her and I mean, that looked too deliberate and too much like a test. She gave him a charm at his home but now that he has come to Buckkeep and therefore left that charm, she gave him another one. They’re doing what she tells him they’re supposed to do but what if they’re doing something else too? He has just given it to the Fool so maybe he can reveal something about it. I’m also very hung up on the Fool’s story about another White Prophet, a female one, who sounded like she was going to be the antagonist, so maybe I’m also doomed to suspect every woman we meet until she’s revealed.

🐈 Are we really introducing another woman in Fitz’s life? How fortunate that we quickly established that both of them are unmarried 🙄 We were expecting Fool and Fitz to go off alone and have a super nice journey just the two of them. We even managed to leave Nighteyes behind, so I was just as annoyed as the Fool when Laurel was pushed on them. Is it because we need someone who can die later? Because then it’s okay.

🐈 Imagine not having read The Liveship Traders and therefore not knowing that the Fool is in love with Fitz. He’s hiding it in this book but when you know you just notice all those little moments. Like him seeing Fitz all dressed up and literally not being able to speak for a second, or him reacting to the charm Fitz got from Jinna. I have the stupidest grin on my face during those scenes.

🐈 Of all the people I expected the Fool to kiss in a chapter called “Fool’s Kiss”…Civil was not even a consideration 😂 Of course I hoped for Fitz but also wasn’t getting my hopes up. Still, the Fool kissed a guy (albeit on the hand) and that feels important.

🐈 Okay, I know my comments are mostly about Fitz and the Fool and not so much about the plot, and I could say I’m sorry but that would be a lie. I don’t really care about the plot of getting Prince Dutiful back. It’s just there and they’re probably going to get him home some way. As long as it gives me more interactions between Fitz and the Fool, I’m happy. They’ve just pulled Dutiful and his horse away from the group who took him, and honestly, it felt a little easy. Fitz going up against six people plus three cats with only a little help from the Fool and they just win? Anyway, I’m also wondering about where Laurel and that archer went so I guess there’s a surprise there in the future.

🐈 Nonononono!! He left the Fool behind!!!! And can’t come back for him!! See? This is how much misery kids bring you. Lesson: Don’t have kids! But won’t Fitz know if Nighteyes dies? Even if he can’t reach him with the Wit, I’m positive he must feel something so I’m keeping my hopes up until that happens.

🐈 THEY ARE ON THE OTHERS ISLAND!! I just thought they’d gone to that Elderling city but then they walked along the beach filled with treasures they couldn’t touch. And it makes perfect sense! I do believe it was a point in Ship of Destiny that the water had risen since the time of the Elderlings so that’s why the pillars are underwater. And they got treasures! I was so confused about those things Fitz had been picking up before I realized where they were, but they are feathers, and wasn’t there something about feathers being needed for that crown the Fool has? Still don’t know the point of the crown but that’s Fool-related so I’ve given up on that. I also have absolutely no clue about the figurine Dutiful found.

🐈 Fitz standing with a knife at Dutiful’s throat… I do not like where this is going.

🐈 I quite like the climactic scene in the cave. I really couldn’t see any way out for them, so I was completely invested and kept telling myself that Fitz couldn’t possibly kill his son but saw no way to avoid it. And Laurel came back with help as expected, and I guess I’m just sorry that we’re stuck with her again. And we lost Nighteyes. It was sad, of course, but not as much as I had expected it would be because it was so obviously hinted at throughout the whole book. He was old, he couldn’t run very fast, so I figured it was bound to happen either in this book or early in the next and there wasn’t really much Fitz could do about it. But goodbye, Nighteyes, I will always remember you for your “howling bitch” comment.

🐈 Speaking of the howling bitch… Please go away…


🐈 Okay, so I need to say something about whatever is going on with the Fool and Laurel. I don’t believe it. I think we’re seeing it from Fitz’s perspective and he’s making a lot of wrong assumptions about them. From what I see, it’s all part of the act that is Lord Golden. He needs people to trust him so they tell him stuff, and I think he found out that Laurel had important connections, which we now know are her Old Blood relations, so it’s beneficial for him if she likes him. Also, here at the end, Fitz says something about the Fool taking Laurel dancing, and Fool is said to look surprised and puzzled and I think that was him being surprised that Fitz couldn’t see through the act.

🐈 Yes, Fitz, you forgot something! YOU FORGOT TO TELL THE FOOL ABOUT THE FEATHERS SO NOW I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT BOOK!! I think you did that on purpose…

🐈 Final thoughts: I liked the first half more than the last, and yes, I’m saying I liked the part with no plot the most. My heart is about to explode every time we have Fitz and the Fool talking to each other because theirs is just the best and softest friendship ever, so I obviously also liked the first half more because of their many interactions in that. The last half wasn’t bad by any means, but the plot felt a bit underwhelming or maybe just insignificant. It was there to teach us about the Wit and the Old Blood families while also introducing people who might become important and making sure our old characters have connections to them. It gave us a lot of traveling around, setting up camp, eating bread, so I felt it dragged in a few places. I still really love this book and the 5 stars were already secured around chapter 7 (I think my comments tell you why), so I didn’t mind that the plot wasn’t captivating or that Laurel was annoying. I just missed Fitz and the Fool so much!

If you’ve made it this far, I certainly hope you’ve read the book so please let me know what you thought of it! How does this book rank for you in the Realm of the Elderlings?

4 thoughts on “Fool’s Errand by Robin Hobb – Book Chat With Spoilers

  1. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
    The wait for this was definitely worth it because OMG, I WAS EMOTIONAL ALL OVER AGAIN JUST FROM READING THESE COMMENTS!! Like, there was so much Fitz and the Fool content – I agree with you in that I liked the first half more than the pre-Nighteyes-death second one, by the way, because the character interactions and conversations were just superb! 😊 And even though you clearly weren’t sad enough about losing him, you appreciated Nighteyes!!! 😍🐺 His remark on Fitz’s stupidity and the “howling bitch” were just the best things ever, so you approving of those go a long way towards making me forgive you for not loving Nighteyes more 😉

    And basically, I also agree with everything else you commented on. The “Fitz, how long are you going to notice the Fool’s elegant fingers and long legs before you realize you’re in love?” had me nodding in absolute agreement and your comments on the howling bitch had me grinning like anything 🤣 And yeah, the numbers in the fight scenes were a bit unrealistic, maybe, but I was way too involved in the character stuff to truly care about that…

    Either way, I’m so excited for you to read the rest because there’s so much more that I want to say but can’t because I know more than you!!!! 😫 I guess I now know how you felt when it took me forever to catch up with The Liveship Traders…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s a lot of heart emojis 😂
      And yes, I do appreciate Nighteyes’s comic relief moments, just not enough that I felt he was essential to my enjoyment of the book 😅 Sorry, again.

      And seriously, the number of times Fitz made a comment on the Fool’s body was insane for someone who claims they’re just friends! I know he’s the one telling us the story but there was really no need to describe the Fool as slender every time he did anything physical. I don’t know if Hobb is just trolling me at this point…

      My comment on the fight scene was also really more me figuring I had to say something that wasn’t just me making heart eyes at Fitz and the Fool 😅 I don’t think it matters either.

      Sorry that I’m not a series binger like you 😂 I’ll probably start the next one by the end of this month since I decided to casually participate in a readathon for the next two weeks and a 700-paged book is just not good for that…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Well, yes, you need a lot of heart emojis to do Fool’s Errand justice, obviously! Especially because of Nighteyes and all those moments when Fitz admired the Fool 🥰

        And I guess I’ll eagerly be awaiting the end of this month, then 😂 Although a readathon sounds fun, too! I’ve always wanted to participate in one eventually, but then I end up becoming roped up into a ton of other things that keep me busy, or reading a bunch of other books that suddenly seem a whole lot more interesting than anything related to readathon prompts…

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I’ve also had my trouble finding a readathon that suits me and which just allows me to read the books I meant to read anyway, just with a little more motivation 😄 A lot of readathons only last a week as well, and I mean, I can read one book in that time so what’s the point?

        Liked by 2 people

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