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Top Ten Tuesday: Book Titles as Questions (With a Twist)

“Outbreaks of magic started all kinds of ways.”

First line in The Fever King by Victoria Lee

Hello, everyone. I wanted to do today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt which is “book titles that are questions” (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl). Anything can be a question of course if you add a question mark after it, but that didn’t strike me as very funny, so I came up with my own little creative twist. I’ve come up with a bunch of random questions that I have worked book titles into. In almost all of these cases, the question will have absolutely nothing to do with the book mentioned (which will be highlighted in bold). So yes, this post is me asking the very important questions.

Question #1

  • Is Rhythm of War a song and is it eligible for Eurovision next year?

Follow-up questions: Is it a rock song? Will it be Finland’s entry? Was Brandon Sanderson involved in the writing process?

Question #2

  • Was The Lost Future of Pepperharrow ever investigated as identity theft by the police?

Follow-up questions: Did they have any leads? Does Pepperharrow even exist anymore? What future were they supposed to have had?

Question #3

  • Is The Betrayals a common way of referring to the Goodreads Choice Awards?

Follow-up questions: Is it more common when a book is placed in the wrong category? Or when a non-published book is eligible?

Question #4

  • How will The Martian spend his time on The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet?

Follow-up questions: Does anyone doubt the planet is Earth? Will the martian be thinking about inappropriate jokes to tell when he arrives?

Question #5

  • Will climate change mean that we one day will need to talk about a Drowned Country?

Follow-up question: Will it be the Netherlands? Can they form a union with Atlantis and take over the world?

Question #6

  • In the football game between England and Denmark at Euro 2020, why did Raheem Sterling look like he was on the receiving end of A Touch of Death when he stole a penalty by diving?

Follow-up questions: Will Sterling ever have the decency to admit to this diving? Who decided that the Denmark team hadn’t suffered enough? Was it the universe righting itself when England lost the final in the most painful way possible?

Question #7

  • Will the fate of the world be decided in a game of Noughts and Crosses?

Follow-up questions: Will the players be gods or cats? If cats, how many times will they push the pieces off the board? Is that actually how the apocalypse starts?

Question #8

  • Is Call Down the Hawk the battle cry of Hawkeye from Marvel?

Follow-up questions: Do the other avengers use it too? Do they think it’s weird? Does Hawkeye insist upon them using it?

Question #9

  • If a man suffers from the flu without complaining like a baby, is he then deserving of the title The Fever King?

Follow-up questions: Have I not heard of this before because no man has ever fulfilled the requirements? Is the title given by a board of women/wives?

Managing to get two titles into one question means I get to stop at nine. And now to the important question: Do you have the answers to any of these questions? Please tell me if you do! We have to uncover the mysteries together.
I really hope you enjoyed this rather weird post from me and let me know which one was your favorite!

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Titles as Questions (With a Twist)

  1. This post might just be the best thing I’ve ever read – it’s genius!! 🤣🤣 Seriously, I can’t stop laughing, how did you even come up with this?

    I think all of the questions are my favorites, but obviously, I have to give a special mention to The Betrayals one 🥰 I think the answer is definitely “yes”! But my biggest problem with the Goodreads Choice awards isn’t so much the placement of books in the wrong category, but that it only includes new releases – and how the heck am I supposed to read enough of them in one year that I can give an informed opinion? If I’ve only read one of the nominees, how am I supposed to know if the other options might not be better? So usually, in fear of making a grave mistake, I don’t vote at all, and then a book I hated wins 😅

    Concerning Mark Watney, I don’t think you need to worry. That man will tell inappropriate jokes wherever he is.

    I am also very scared of the Netherlands forming a union with Atlantis and would kindly ask them to at least wait a few more months. Once I’m fully vaccinated, I really want to give that trip that I was supposed to take last March another try, and I’m bad at breathing under water…

    But my favorite question out of all of them has got to be number 6 😂😂😂 I love how rightfully petty you’re being about that penalty, and, obviously, that painful final was the perfect punishment 😁😊

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    1. Thank you!! 🥰 It was actually a lot harder to do than I initially thought so I’m quite pleased with it.

      I understand your Goodreads Choice Award problem but I also don’t see how they can avoid doing it with new releases. However, I do think they need a sooner cut-off date. When they start doing those initial rounds, there are still nominated books that haven’t been released yet. How?? How about saying that books need to have been out for at least a month to be eligible so people actually have a chance to read them? But like you, I also wonder whether that one book I’ve read from a category really is the best one. I do vote though if I loved that book very much, but not if I only felt it was okay.

      And about the Netherlands trip, I think you’re missing an opportunity there. If you wait until that union is formed then you probably get to visit Atlantis too when you’re there. In the meantime, you can learn how to breathe under water. I’m sure there are courses you can take 😉

      I’m probably going to be petty about that penalty for the rest of my life along with the rest of the Danes, so I knew I had to come up with a question where I could rant a little 😄

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      1. Yes, the fact that there are unpublished books on there that somehow still get thousands of votes blows my mind! You can’t expect me to believe that many people actually got ahold of ARCs! But it is also kind of unfair that books published later in the year have lower chances of being read in time for the awards, so I still think Goodreads could maybe do them for what was published the previous year or something? Either way, I’m glad I’m not the one in charge, all the decision-making involved sounds like a nightmare 😂

        You may be on to something regarding the Atlantis thing though – I did always say I wanted to learn how to scuba dive so I could see a coral reef before they die out, so maybe this is my chance… 🤔

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      2. I do like your idea of giving the awards to books published the previous year, but I really think that requires that publishing and the bookish community in general stop focusing so much on new releases. And there is a bigger chance of you visiting Atlantis than that happening 😅

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  2. I love your take on the topic. It made me smile.

    I agree with your question about the Goodreads Readers Choice Awards. They really do need to have a cut-off date, like other awards. I think it would make readers more satisfied and give us a better chance to read the books to vote better.

    Here’s my post:

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    1. Thank you! And there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense about Goodreads Choice Award but that late cut-off date has got to be the weirdest.


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