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More Popular Books I Don’t Want to Read

“The palace still shook occasionally as the earth rumbled in memory, groaned as if it would deny what had happened.”

First line in The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

Unpopular opinions time! It’s been almost two years since I made a post listing some popular books I have to interest in reading, and since there are so many popular books, I figured it was time to make another one. You see, I’m an incredibly picky reader. There is a lot of stuff I don’t care to read about in books, no matter how popular they. I know my tastes well enough to know I’m not going to like these books, so why bother? Sometimes I still make the mistake of reading a book just because it’s popular, and it’s about time I learned my lesson. These lists are therefore also a way of reminding myself to steer clear of these particular books.

I’m going to try and explain why the books and my tastes don’t align, so you hopefully won’t get too mad at me for not wanting to read your favorite books.

Jade City by Fonda Lee

A Fantasy story about a gang war? No, thank you. I don’t like that kind of storyline in any kind of media because I never love the characters. From what I’ve heard about Jade City, I’m not going to love the characters in that one either.

The Rest of the Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan

I made it to book four but I’m now joining the group of people who are mystified why this series is so popular. I’m still very excited for the TV show because that just has to have fixed some of the problems with the books.

Anything by Joe Abercrombie

Simple. I don’t read Grimdark. It’s again a case of this genre not being likely to produce the type of characters I like to read about.

The Poppy War by R. F. Kuang

Not only is this one military fantasy, but it also has a school setting, and that’s already two major aspects of this book that don’t tend to work for me. There’s also nothing else about the synopsis that catches my interest as it sounds the same as so many other high fantasy stories.

Anything by Stephen King

This guy has written a lot of books and most of them are Horror as far as I’m aware. I don’t have much of an interest in the Horror genre, but I’m also not going to read any of his other books. None of the synopsis I’ve read speaks to me, and I’ve come across too many mediocre or negative reviews of his books to really want to dedicate the time to try him out.

Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett

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I’m not exactly sure why I’m not interested in this one as I usually like stories that feature thieves as main characters. There’s a tiny part of me that’s hesitant because we’re dealing with a female main character from a male author, and that combination very rarely works for me. She’s also the only character the synopsis will tell me about, and I’m a reader that is very much drawn to a book based on character descriptions in the synopsis. And reviews haven’t been able to draw me in either.

The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winters


We’ve hit another thing I don’t like to read about: revenge stories. I really don’t see the appeal. On top of that, what I’ve heard about the main character has left me confident that I’m not going to enjoy reading about him.

If my reasons hadn’t made it clear, I’m very much a character-focused reader, so if I’m positive I’m not going to connect with the main character, it almost doesn’t matter what else the book has going for it. So I’m not going to read these books, but let’s chat about them in the comments if you’ve read them or, like me, have no interest in them. Are there some other popular books you have no intention of reading?

6 thoughts on “More Popular Books I Don’t Want to Read

  1. Haha I honestly want to read all of these (and read the poppy war!) haha! I only agree with you on Stephen King πŸ˜›


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  2. Hahaha, I always love some good unpopular opinions time 😊 Although I do adore The Poppy War; but then again, magic school settings are some of my favorite things ever πŸ₯° Which I think is why I felt partly let down by the sequel… All the military stuff became way more prevalent, and I just wanted the school back! πŸ˜‚

    And I must admit I’m also pretty curious about some of the other books on this list – Jade City especially has been getting so much hype that I’m itching to try it sometime… But I think I’ll give up on Wheel of Time, too, since I don’t think I’d survive at least another three books before it gets more exciting πŸ˜… And I don’t think you’re missing out too much with Steven King, either. I’ve read a ton of his books because one of my friends is absolutely obsessed with him and forced them on me, but for the most part, I was quite underwhelmed. I did really enjoy (or get freaked out by, whichever way you want to take it) Cujo and Apt Pupil, though. I couldn’t stop reading those!

    (Also, if any of this sounds incoherent, blame it on me staying up for most of the night to finish listening to The Betrayals. I am an absolute mess, so expect a gushing review if I can get myself together enough to write one by Friday πŸ˜…)

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    1. Magic school settings are so popular and I also think the idea of them is really cool, so I get it. Usually, I’m bored with it though (except for the very obvious exception πŸ˜‰ ).

      And I don’t blame you for not wanting to go through the torture that is Wheel of Time. I have my doubts it’ll ever get exciting. I would have liked to get to the ones Sanderson has written just to see if there was a change but those were just too far away.

      And oh my god, I need that review!!!! 😍😍😍😍 Although, I’m sorry you’re a mess today, I guess πŸ˜„

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    1. I feel like I’ve heard about a lot of people who get very emotional over it, and I guess that can be both good and bad depending on what you’re into. And thank you!


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