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Top Ten Tuesday – Books That Caused A Book Hangover

“When I wake up, the other side of the bed is cold.”

First line in The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


Hi, guys. I’m doing a Top Ten Tuesday for once. Today the topic is: The last ten books that gave me a book hangover. If you don’t know what a book hangover is, it’s basically that feeling you have after reading an amazing book and you’re convinced that you’ll never find such a good book again. At the same time you just want more of what you just read so you frantically search for similar reads but it will never be the same. 


(When you read in public as much as I do, this happens quite frequently)

I’m not someone who experiences very serious book hangovers. Some people find they can’t read another book for a while but I can easily do that. That means that it was a little bit of a struggle for me to find 10 books for this list but I managed. Some of them are pretty old though. 

Half Lost by Sally Green (Final book in The Half Bad Trilogy) 

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (First book in The Stormlight Archive)

The Binding by Bridget Collins


The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden (Final book in the Winternight Trilogy)


Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman (Second book in the Arc of a Scythe trilogy)

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (Yes, all of them)

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness


(And last but certainly not least)

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara


There you have 10 books that had such a huge impact on me that I couldn’t think about anything else for days and sometimes weeks or months (looking at you, A Little Life). Do you experience book hangovers often? If so, what was the book that caused the worst one? Hope you’ve had a good start to the week. Bye!


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Books That Caused A Book Hangover

  1. I love this list idea! Excited to read some of these since I don’t think I’ve read any of them so far.
    It’s interesting because I experience book hangovers, but I never had a name for it. While I don’t experience book hangovers that often, that’s only because I don’t find books that are life-changing that often. But when I do get a book hangover it’s for weeks….

    Last book hangover I had was for “Greensleeves” by Eloise Jarvis McGraw. Not because it had a mind bending plot or descriptions, but it just so perfectly put into words many of my experiences.

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    1. Honestly, same. I didn’t discover the term ‘book hangover’ until recently but it perfectly describes a feeling I’ve had several times over the years.
      Great to hear that Greensleeves was such a good experience and the reason why. I also often find that my favorite books are the ones I have some sort of personal connection to. Then it doesn’t really matter that the writing and plot aren’t perfect.

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  2. Ugh, Thunderhead absolutely destroyed my soul, until I was just curled up in a corner in the fetal position, rocking back and forth. I think that was one of the most painful waits for a third book I’ve had recently lol. Similarly, The Monster Calls destroyed me emotionally. Right now, I’m just a husk of a humanoid somehow managing to wander about still.

    Here’s my TTT post.

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