Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Booktube Channels

“Stealing a spaceship shouldn’t be this easy.”

First line in Avalon by Mindee Arnett

Hi guys. I just love the topic for this week’s Top 5 Tuesday! It’s favorite Booktube channels and I’ve been meaning to do a post about those for a while now because I watch a LOT of Booktube. I’ll admit that it was a challenge to choose only 5 so maybe I’ll make a follow-up post at some point. Top 5 Tuesday is as always hosted by the lovely Shanah over at Bionic Book Worm so go and check out her blog for the rest of the topics for October.

Merphy Napier

Subscribers: 64K

Genres: Fantasy, classics, thriller – she reads a little bit of everything but I think those are the main ones.

Merphy is just a great Booktuber to follow if you’re into fantasy. She’s currently reading some of the big and popular fantasy series such as The Wheel of Time and Lightbringer, because she only started reading fantasy a couple of years ago. You can find really old videos of hers in which she says that her least favorite genre is fantasy. I was so confused when I found those.

My favorite kind of video from her is her weekly reading vlogs. I rarely watch other Booktuber’s vlogs because they are often an hour long and just show them doing random things not relating to books. I like that Merphy’s vlog are about the books she reading and what she thinks of them. She keeps them fairly short and only includes a couple of minutes of video of her very cute son.

She’s also very good at connecting with her followers and always expresses how much she loves interacting with them. She does buddy reads on several platforms and often ask her followers what they think she should read (and she will actually read what people suggest).

Holly Hearts Books

Subscribers: 10K

Genre: Fantasy and horror

I only recently started watching Holly but I ended up binge-watching so many of her videos when I found her. She’s a huge fantasy reader, and she loves Joe Abercrombie more than anything. I personally haven’t read any of his books, but she actually also talks about other fantasy books once in a while. I like that she reads some more underrated books. A lot of the books I see on her channel, I don’t see anywhere else. So even though I don’t completely share her taste in books, I often find books that I want to check out some more.

Paperbackdreams (Kat)

Subscribers: 119K

Genres: Fantasy, horror and contemporary

I’m slightly obsessed with Kat’s channel. Even a really bad day can become a good day if there’s a new Paperbackdreams video when I open YouTube.

I will say that I probably mostly follow her because of her personality. She’s so relatable and funny, but I don’t actually add very many books to my TBR from watching her videos. She also specializes in rant-reviews to that might be the reason. Those aren’t my favorite videos but she’s very articulate and reasonable in those. However, she also makes the more classics booktube-videos such as wrap ups and vlogs but she somehow makes them really unique for her. I mean she once made a TBR video about her socks. Whatever was on the sock she picked (blindfolded) would decide a book she would read that month. How do you come up with that? But, really, I love her and you should go check her out.

Book Roast

Subscribers: 63K

Genres: Fantasy and Sci-Fi

This is also one of my more recent discoveries but I already love watching her videos. If you love Harry Potter, you need to follow her. She’s such a massive fan of the series and it’s just delightful to watch. She’s the creator of the Magical Readathon where you can get your O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s which is such a brilliant idea and she is very passionate about hosting it.

She does a lot of unboxings on her channel and honestly, a lot of them are Harry Potter related. However, she does also talk about other books. We have a similar taste in books so I’m always looking forward to her wrap up each month.

Elliot Brooks

Subscribers: 28K

Genres: Fantasy and manga (not a genre but you know what I mean)

First of all, she has a sweet, sweet dog that often appear in her vlogs (the most important content of course lol). Besides her dog, Elliot loves fantasy! Some of her favorite books include The Witcher, Stormlight Archive and Fullmetal Alchemist. She says that she prefers writing styles that focus more on characters and their emotions instead of surroundings and what everything looks like. I agree with her very much on that so I always take her recommendations seriously.

She makes a lot of different kinds of videos (she also uploads a lot!) including book reviews, TBRs, hauls and pure recommendation videos. Once in a while she also makes these discussion videos and I really love those. She’s very intelligent and her ideas are always well thought out so I often learn a lot from her. The only downside is that she doesn’t like Harry Potter. Not everyone is perfect, I guess (joking of course. Read what you want).

I loved making this. Let me know if you also watch these Booktubers or if there’s someone else you think I should check out.

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